I’ve worked on a number of projects recently, and I love contributing to open-source projects. Please see my GitHub account to view my recent activity.

Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of the projects I’m most fond of:

  • Vehicle Registration Auto-Renew (link) (info)
    • Built with Rails in conjuction with a small development team at AMA.
    • Deployed on AWS.
    • Successfully processed more than 30,000 vehicle registrations in less than 8 months.
    • Media:,
  • Prawn::Icon (via GitHub) (via Rubygems)
  • (via GitHub)
    • Crystal bindings to the Duktape JavaScript engine.
    • Simply execute JS code from Crystal.
  • Aws::Lex::Conversation (via GitHub)
    • A Ruby library that makes it simple to build Chatbots with AWS Lex.
  • iSight CLI Disabler (via GitHub)
    • Simple bash script to disable/enable a Mac’s iSight camera.